Hidden Deep is Cogwheel Software’s sci-fi atmospheric horror game. Players take on on the role of an investigating team trying to determine what happened to the mysteriously vanished scientists in an underground oceanic facility.

As they play, players can unlock various achievements. Hidden Deep features 14 achievements. You can see all of these and their descriptions below.

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Achievement NameAchievement Description
Wheeeee!Use the grappling hook as a zip-line.
Not so fast!Kill the ceiling tentacle before it kills you on your first encounter.
Helping HandLet another team member use your rope to climb.
True KillerKill 100 monsters.
ProspectorFind a hidden cave using the Terra-Scanner.
End of the lineRappel down the full length of your grappling hook’s line.
GunslingerKill 20 enemies with your gun without dying.
Scan-Ball KillKill 3 enemies using one Scan-Ball.
True MinerDrill 100 meters of tunnel using the Tunnel Boring Machines.
Flying RockFall from 50 meters or more.
IndestructibleComplete a level with high enemy presence without dying (must be 50+ enemies).
Just hanging aroundKill 5 enemies in a row while hanging on the grappling hook.
Completely ShaftedRide an elevator from top to bottom non-stop. Yes, that’s possible.
M-M-M-MonsterkillKill 1000 monsters.

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