Hero’s Hour is a strategic auto battler full of regions, artifacts, and monsters to encounter. There are 61 achievements that can be unlocked and completed through objectives. We have compiled a list of all these achievements and how to complete them.

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  1. Desperado
    • Destroy a near impossible enemy army.
  2. Power of Elemental
    • Defeat a challenging enemy in battle using only elementals.
  3. No time to waste
    • Win a game in less than 15 minutes.
  4. Speedrunner
    • Win a game in less than 15 minutes.
  5. Any% PB
    • Win a game in less than 30 minutes.
  6. Magicphobia
    • Win a game without casting magic.
  7. I can do this alone!
    • Win a game without hiring a hero.
  8. Nudist Run
    • Win a game without any artifacts.
  9. Fully Loaded
    • Have a hero with an artifact in all equipment slots.
  10. Ancient Power
    • Have three artifacts in a set.
  11. Reviving Legend
    • Complete a full artifact set.
  12. Flawless
    • Win a battle without taking casualties.
  13. Hordes of Hell
    • Recruit 666 Pyre units in one game.
  14. Champion
    • Win a 5+ player game.
  15. Chicken Dinner
    • Win a 7-player game.
  16. Challenge Accepted
    • Win a Challenging difficulty game.
  17. Challenge Complete
    • Win a Hardcore difficulty game.
  18. Hero’s Hour
    • Win a Normal difficulty game.
  19. First Win
    • Win an Easy difficulty game.
  20. Puzzle Master
    • Win a game on Hardcore+ and with hamlet starting conditions.
  21. Scrying
    • Find an obelisk treasure with just one clue.
  22. Patience
    • Win a game on the Patience map in less than 24 real-time hours.
  23. Bestiary
    • Encounter 95 percent of all rare creatures.
  24. Collector
    • Encounter 95 percent of all artifacts.
  25. Magus of Magi
    • Encounter 95% of all spells.
  26. Adenture
    • Encounter 95 percent of all adventure buildings.
  27. Completionist
    • Achieve 95 percent of all achievements.
  28. Dragonbane
    • Defeat the red dragon in Skirmish mode.
  29. No Fear
    • Defeat the ghost larvae in Skirmish mode.
  30. Killing the Beast
    • Defeat the black dragons in Skirmish mode.
  31. Dragonspeaker
    • Acquire a dragon via Diplomacy.

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  1. Greed is Good
    • Acquire a treasure elemental.
  2. King
    • Have a hero reach level 20.
  3. Emperor
    • Have a hero reach level 30.
  4. God
    • Achieve rank 5 in a hero skill.
  5. Scrooge
    • Have 100,000 gold.
  6. Back in Order
    • Win a game as Order (normal or harder).
  7. Going Wild
    • Win a game as Wild (normal or harder).
  8. Magic over Might
    • Win a game as Arcane (normal or harder).
  9. Death’s Door
    • Win a game as Decay (normal or harder).
  10. Hell on Earth
    • Win a game as Pyre (normal or harder).
  11. LIberation
    • Win a game as Horde (normal or harder).
  12. Exclave
    • Win a game as Enclave (normal or harder).
  13. A Final Lament
    • Win a game as Lament (normal or harder).
  14. Rising Tides
    • Win a game as Tide (normal or harder).
  15. Earthen Arise
    • Win a game as Earthen (normal or harder).
  16. Pillar Reformed
    • Win a game as Pillar (normal or harder).
  17. Architect
    • Fully develop a town.
  18. Theresa
    • Save 500 creatures using infirmaries and hospitals in a single game.
  19. Insatiable
    • Devour a Black Dragon.
  20. Archmage
    • Learn an adventure map spell at an Archmage Tribunal.
  21. Idolatry
    • Create an idol.
  22. Culture Conversion
    • Convert a town to a faction you did not start as.
  23. Embrace Death
    • Use a Forlorn Cloister with your highest leveled hero.
  24. True Evil
    • Put 200 power worth of units to work at a Slave Pens.
  25. All Grown Up
    • Bloodwarp a Hatchling into a Seraph.
  26. Showdown
    • Enter combat against an enemy player with at least 2,000 power worth of army.
  27. Wilderness
    • Control 10 overgrown mines.
  28. Literacy
    • Enter combat with a hero that uses the most overpowered Rune.
  29. Man Made God
    • Have a hero with a sum of attacks, defense, knowledge, and spell power above 100.
  30. Shadowpower
    • Cast Shadowcasting while your hero has 50 or more spellpower.

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