The Outbound Ghost is a charming tale of a ghost helping out ghosts move on to the afterlife and battling apparitions using figments of your personality. It is inspired by Paper Marion and Pokémon and developed by Conradical Games. As you play and progress, you can earn various achievements/trophies.

There are 31 achievements/trophies in The Outbound Ghost, which we have listed below.

The Outbound Ghost Trophies/Achievements List

  1. Complete the Tutorial.
  2. Forge an Aspect.
  3. Obtain Comradery.
  4. Suprise Attack 5 Times.
  5. Obtain Callousness.
  6. Stun Apparitions 15 Times.
  7. Obtain a Hidden Figment.
  8. Get a Full Party of 4.
  9. Defeat the Sanguine Apparition.
  10. Lockpick 5 Gates.
  11. Forge 10 Aspects.
  12. Start a Save File With Special Settings.
  13. Defeat a Mimic.
  14. Obtain 4 Hidden Figments.
  15. Obtain Solitude.
  1. Obtain Spite.
  2. Defeat the Fungal Duo.
  3. Finish Chapter 1.
  4. Obtain 10 Hidden Figments.
  5. Team Up With a Secret Partner.
  6. Finish Chapter 2.
  7. Defeat the Player Apparition.
  8. Defeat the Barbed Apparition.
  9. Obtain Annoyance.
  10. Obtain Trust.
  11. Forge 20 Aspects.
  12. Start Chapter 5.
  13. Defeat the Flightless Apparition.
  14. Defeat the Carnivorous Apparition.
  15. Finish Chapter 4.
  16. Obtain Jealousy.

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