Guardians of the Galaxy features five playable characters. Each one of these characters possesses four special abilities which players can unlock and equip. Here’s a list of all the characters and their abilities in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


  • Vantage Point – “Star-Lord initiates a prolonged burn of his jet boots, rising into a tactically advantageous position to give orders or attack enemies.”
  • Fan the Hammer – “Star-Lord unleashes rapid fire blaster shots, dealing heavy damage spread across one or more enemies.”
  • Eye of the Hurricane – “Star-Lord spirals up into the air lobbing several grenades at the enemies below. All foes caught in the blast area receive moderate damage and heavy stagger.”
  • Shield of Spartax – “Star-Lord is covered by an impenetrable shield which provides complete resistance to all attacks for a short duration.”

Moreover, Star-Lord can unlock several perks on the workbench, including Low Life Buff, Tactical Scan, Knockdown Dash, Air Glide, and more.


  • Deadly Strike – “Gamora deals heavy damage to a single enemy.”
  • Shadow Strike – “Gamora dashes between enemies, striking each one once, and dealing moderate damage. If only enemy is present, she will attack it several times.”
  • Stagger Wave – “Gamora strikes a single enemy, dealing moderate, followed by a wave of energy that deals moderate stagger to all enemies behind the initial target.”
  • Executioner – “Gamora strikes a single enemy multiple times, dealing massive damage.”


  • Destroy – “Drax hits a single enemy with a powerful attack, dealing light damage and heavy stagger.”
  • Katathian Charge – “Drax charges forward dealing moderate stagger to all enemies in a line.”
  • Pound and Pummel – “Drax shatters the ground, dealing moderate damage to one enemy and light damage to nearby enemies.”
  • Wrath of Katath – “Drax roars and attacks, dealing heavy stagger to a single enemy, and moderate stagger to all nearby enemies. He also deals more stagger while raging.”

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  • Cluster Flark Bomb – “Rocket blasts all enemies caught in a radius around the initial target with moderate damage.”
  • Gravistack Grenade – “Rocket tosses a grenade at an enemy, drawing others toward the initial target’s position, and grouping them for a follow-up attack.”
  • Glowing Pains Grenade – “Rocket lobs a grenade that releases several darts on impact. These shock and deal light stagger to each enemy hit for a short duration. Enemies affected also take more stagger damage while under the effect.”
  • Five Barrel Barrage – “Rocket reveals the entirety of his massive arsenal to bombard the enemy area with bullets, missiles, and various projectiles. Applies massive damage to area around target.”


  • Entangle – “Groot grapples multiple enemies in place”
  • Uproot – “Groot causes roots to shoot up from the ground, dealing moderate damage to enemies in range, and launching small to medium enemies in the air.”
  • Mammoth Grab – “Groot grapples a single large enemy in place, dealing moderate staggering.”
  • Gift of the Florae – “Groot revives all downed Guardians, and their abilities cooldown reset. If this ability is available when Star-Lord in incapacitated, Groot will automatically revive him.”

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