Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion offers more than a new narrative campaign for players to experience. Endwalker also allows players to level their classes to a new level cap of 90. With that increased level cap comes new powers and abilities, and the Gunbreaker’s new techniques will change the way it’s played.

Be sure to read up on all the new Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills added to Gunbreaker below, including descriptions from Square Enix’s page.

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New Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills

  • Trait: Heart of Stone Mastery (Level 82)
    • Effect: Upgrades Heart of Stone to Heart of Corundum.
  • Ability: Heart of Corundum (Level 82)
    • Effect: Reduces damage taken by a party member or self by 15%.
      • Additional Effect: When targeting a party member while under the effect of Brutal Shell, that effect is also granted to the target.
      • Additional Effect: Grants Clarity of Corundum to target.
        • Clarity of Corundum Effect: Reduces damage taken by 15%
      • Additional Effect: Grants Catharsis of Corundum to target.
        • Catharsis of Corundum Effect: Restores HP when HP falls below 50% upon effect duration expriation
        • Cure Potency: 900
  • Trait: Enhanced Aurora (Level 84)
    • Effect: Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Aurora.
  • Trait: Melee Mastery (Level 84)
    • Effect: Increases the potency of Keen Edge to 170, Brutal Shell to 120, and Solid Barrel to 120.
  • Trait: Enhanced Continuation (Level 86)
    • Effect: Become Ready to Blast after executing Burst Strike.
  • Ability: Hypervelocity (Level 86)
    • Effect: Delivers an attack with a potency of 180. Can only be executed when Ready to Blast.
  • Trait: Cartridge Charge II (Level 88)
    • Effect: Increases Powder Gauge capacity to 3 Cartridges. Executing Bloodfest Stores 3 Cartridges.
  • Weaponskill: Double Down (Level 90)
    • Effect: Delivers an attack to all nearby enemies with a potency of 1,200 for the first enemy and 20% less for all remaining enemies.
      • Cartridge Cost: 2

To see the complete list of every change afforded to Gunbreaker with Endwalker, including revisions on previously available job actions, visit the official Gunbreaker Job Page.

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