Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion brought significant changes for each combat job, increasing the maximum level to 90. With a higher level cap, jobs like the Bard will progressively unlock new Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills as they progress. Here, we break down each ability coming after level 80 in Endwalker.

We’ve listed each of the new Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills added to the game with Endwalker as detailed by Square Enix.

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  • New Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills
    • Trait: Quick Nock Mastery (Level 82)
      • Effect: Upgrades Quick Knock to Ladonsbite.
    • Weaponskill: Ladonsbite (Level 82)
      • Effect: Delivers an attack with a potency of 130 to all enemies in a cone before you.
        • Additional Effect: 35% chance of becomeing Shadowbite Ready.
    • Trait: Enhanced Bloodletter (Level 84)
      • Effect: Allows a third charge of Bloodletter and Rain of Death.
    • Trait: Enhanced Apex Arrow (Level 86)
      • Effect: Grats Blast Arrow Ready upon executing Apex Arrow after the Soul Voice Gauge has reached 80 or higher. Apex Arrow becomes Blast Arrow while under this effect.
    • Weaponskill: Blast Arrow (Level 86)
      • Effect: Delievers an attack to all enemies in a straght line before you with a potency of 600 for the first enemy, and 60% less for all remaining enemies. Can only be executed while under the effect of Blast Arrow Ready.
    • Trait: Enhanced Troubadour (Level 88)
      • Effect: Reduces Troubadour recast time to 90 seconds.
    • Trait: Minstrel’s Coda (Level 90)
      • Effect: Grants Mage’s Coda, Army’s Coda, or Wanderer’s Coda upon singing Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, or the Wanderer’s Minuet respectively.
    • Ability: Radiant Finale (Level 90)
      • Effect: Increases damage dealt by self and nearby party members. Effectiveness is determined by the number of different Coda active in the Song Gauge. Can only be activated when at least 1 Coda is active
        • 1 Coda: 2%
        • 2 Coda: 4%
        • 3 Coda: 6%

To see these new Abilities, Traits, and Weaponskills in action, visit the following overview by Mrhappy 1227, as his breakdown details these new abilities in great detail.

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