There are a ton of great content for players to delve into in Genshin Impact. One of the best ways to learn more about Teyvat itself is by indulging in the games books whether they be fiction or non-fiction. A Drunkard’s Tale is a book series that is fun to read and will even earn you an achievement.

A Drunkard’s Tale is relatively easy to find as all the volumes can be found in Mondstadt. This series is split between the Knight’s of Favonius headquarters and the Dawn Winery, making it incredibly easy to find once you know where to look. There are four volumes in all, and when you collect them, you will receive The Drunkard and the Wolf achievement.

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Here’s how to get A Drunkard’s Tale:

  • Volume One: On the first floor of the Mondstadt Library.
  • Volume Two: Inside of the Dawn Winery on the table piled high with books.
  • Volume Three: Indside the Dawn Winery on a bookshelf in the corner.
  • Volume Four: On the bottom floor of the Mondstadt Library.

Be sure to pick up all the books inside of the library and winery while you are there. This will save you time in other book-related achievements.

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