Milk Molars are collectible items in Grounded that allows players to upgrade their primary stats like health, stamina, and healing. As the name suggests, the collectible is in the form of a Molar tooth and spread throughout the map. So, if you are someone who is looking to gather all the 74 Milk Molar in Grounded, you can start by finding the Juice Box in the Hedge Biome landmark and browse other directions from the given list.

All Milk Molar Locations In Grounded

Screenshot via MapGenie
  1. Underneath a big green soda can
  2. On the edge of the pond near a big rock terrain
  3. Inside the cave adjacent to the Big Oak tree Lab
  4. Wolf Spider sleeping spot, under a leaf
  5. On the side of a small pond of water
  6. Inside a Red Ant Nest
  7. In a small radioactive area
  8. In a small underground radioactive area
  9. On the side of a big rock terrain near the Wolf Spider Spawn point
  10. In the middle part of an underground cave that houses a Wolf Spider
  11. On the top of the big power supply cord/plug
  12. On the top of a big juice box in the Hedge Biome area
  13. Near the wooden fence in a small dip
  14. On the top of a tube near the Hedge Lab
  15. In a small tunnel structure locked between Spiderwebs in the Hedge Biome
  16. Near the rock area surrounding the pond
  17. Inside the pond, between some weeds
  18. Inside the third compartment of the underneath pond labs
  19. Inside a small cave underneath the pond water
  20. Near the Wolf Spider webs
  21. Inside a yellow tray box on the edge of the picnic table
  22. Behind the sand pit near the big red pots
  23. On the top of a little sand tower in the sandpit play area
  24. Inside a chest that opens with the Melt Moat Key
  25. Behind a toy box
  26. Inside the black anthill, near the middle sector of the hill
  27. Inside the black anthill at the end of the hill
  28. On the top of a trashcan, inside a blue cup
  29. Inside a plastic container/jar underneath the Picnic Table
  30. Between a few Rock Pebbles in the Upperyard
  31. Inside a broken white pipe near the ravine area
  32. Inside the muddy parts of the ravine area  
  33. Under a blue tarp in the wood piles
  34. In the interior parts of the termite nest
  35. Underneath the Upperyard Ascent between a mud crack
  36. Inside a small cave that contains a lot of ladybirds to the south of the fallen bicycle
  37. Inside the same cave as found in 36 with a different entrance from the south.
  38. Inside a plant pot adjacent to the fallen bicycle
  39. Below a big yellow-brown leaf resting near the wall
  40. Inside the red toolbox
  41. At the small dip near the entrance of the Castle Modroc Playtest
  42. Near a small drop that houses two black ox beetle
  43. On the top trunk of a berry tree
  44. Inside the ladder compartment
  45. A set of five milk molars at the end of a small cave underneath the blue cap/lid
  46. Inside a small cave in the upper yard of the map. Use the Orange ball to roll and get the molar teeth
  47. Inside a burrow-like structure underneath a rock. Blow up the rocks to find molar teeth
  48. Blow the cracked rock to open a cave that houses a black widow lair. A milk molar can be found in a small corner of the cave.
  49. Two milk molars inside a submerged chest, under the tire rim.’
  50. Below a small crack of terrain, you can find a big beetle roaming the vicinity
  51. Inside the fire ant nest
  52. On the top of a wheelbarrow
  53. In the trunk of the fallen tree
  54. Outside the tree stump lab outpost
  55. On the side of a rock near the tree stump lab
  56. One of the top rungs of the ladder
  57. On the foot pedal of the pink bicycle
  58. On the top of the Modroc Playtest castle
  59. Near a lab underneath the Modroc Playtest castle
  60. Below the Undershed Lab, pass through the door, and a milk molar will be present on a wooden ledge
  61. Drop inside the ravine area of the Undershed
  62. Near a wooden plank adjacent to a rock
  63. Underneath the Undershed Lab, near the edge of a wooden plank
  64. On the top parts of wooden ledges below the Undershed Lab
  65. At the edge of the tire circumference
  66. On s middle rung of the ladder
  67. On a small stone ledge above the pond
  68. On the top of the root inside the Stump outpost
  69. On the top of a berry tree below a Hedge Pod

Remember, some of the markers may slightly vary from the actual location due to the scale of the image. So, try to explore all the nearby landmarks from the prescribed one to get that particular Milk Molar.

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