In Steelrising, you play as Aegis. Aegis is a sentient Automat in service of the queen fighting against the Tyrant King to bring freedom to the people if given a chance. Steelrising’s combat is tough, like any souls-like game with some unique mechanics. Alchemical afflictions are one of these. There are three alchemical afflictions; in this guide, we explain each.

Alchemical Afflictions explained in Steelrising

Alchemical damage (Flame, Frost, and Fulmination) fills a gauge on Aegis or her enemies; when full, it triggers an Affliction, which lasts until the gauge is depleted. Aegis will need Alchemical Capsules to perform Alchemical attacks on her targets. Alchemical Capsules can be bought from the Boutique or found on enemies in the world.

Flame Affliction in Steelrising explained

Flame affliction ignites its target, causing continuous damage. Flame can be applied to enemies using the Alchemists Ram attack or a weapon with alchemical flame attacks. If Aegis is suffering from this affliction, Aegis can extinguish the fire faster by dodging.

Frost Affliction in Steelrising explained

Frost affliction freezes its target on the spot. This will prevent the target from moving for a short time, allowing you to charge a heavy attack to damage the enemy seriously. The Alchemist’s Dash attack will apply the frost affliction on Aegis’s enemies. If Aegis is frozen, Aegis can thaw faster by attacking.

Fulmination Affliction in Steelrising explained

Fulmination, or lightning, affliction electrocutes its target with each hit taken, causing additional damage. Aegis can use the Bishop’s Hook attack to apply this affliction to her targets. If Aegis is suffering from electrocution, Aegis can stop it by using Insulation Elixir. Insulation Elixir can be bought from the Boutique or found around the world. 

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