The Monastery at the right of the map has plenty of tricks to throw at the player: invisible enemies, floating projectiles, and all sorts of wacky creatures. Surprisingly, this may be one dungeon where the boss is the easiest phase. While getting there may take a while, any player could easily beat this boss with a basic understanding of its attack pattern.

Best strategies to use against the Monastery Boss in Airoheart

After uttering some magic Latin, the boss will engage the player by throwing lightning bolts at them. Don’t use the shield to block the lightning; the only way to deal with it is to run away. It’s best to strafe from side to side during this part of the battle to bait the boss into missing his lightning attack.

After a couple of lightning tosses, the boss will get angry and begin to charge at the main character. Here’s the opportunity to get damage in. If the main character dodges the boss’ rushdown, the boss will instead crash into the southern wall, leaving him stunned and open to slash away at.

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Once the boss has taken enough damage, it will shift to the next phase (there are four phases of this battle). Each phase involves the same concept as the first. The only difference is that the boss will summon different enemies to throw the player off.

In the second phase, the boss will summon floating books that will rush at the player. These are barely a threat, though. Simply pull up the shield to deflect them while evading the boss as usual. After getting some more hits in, it will transition into the third phase, where he summons two of the purple projectiles that randomly circle through the room.

These are a bit more annoying, especially since the final phase involves the boss summoning two more projectiles. If the player can pull each other phase off perfectly, though, it shouldn’t be a big deal taking a bit of damage from these projectiles. Just concentrate on dodging the boss again to get those final strikes in.

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