The world of Airoheart is nothing, if not vast. The winding pathways players walk along are filled with strange monsters and odd obstacles blocking forbidden paths. While that may seem enticing to some, it’s easy to get lost and think, “where am I supposed to be going?” Players might not know that there is an NPC they should be looking for to get a view of the full world.

Where can players find the full map in Airoheart?

From the start of the game, Airoheart players can access a map from the Start menu. This map is not full, though. It only shows the specific area the player is currently in with some surroundings. It also doesn’t show a dungeon map when the main character is inside a dungeon.

Players must do some hunting to get the full map after getting out of the opening dungeon. Specifically, they should head south after leaving the main character’s house. After a couple of screens, they should see a painting floating midair. Interact with this by pressing the B button.

Screenshot via GameTips.PRO

This will transfer the main character into a different room Super Mario Sunshine style. This new room is called “The Painter’s Room,” Fortunately, it looks like the Painter is working on a landscape of the Engard region.

The nice thing about this area is that it not only displays the full map but you can use it for fast travel. There are X’s scattered around the painting, and the player can warp back out on that area of the actual overworld by stepping over them. Once an X has been pressed, the floating tapestry will reappear, and players can interact with that to return to Engard itself.

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