The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) daily crossword is a popular and free crossword puzzle that often presents challenging clues for players to decipher. The daily puzzle for March 29, 2022, is titled “Birds of a Feather” and presents this clue for you to solve: Air Force badge for experienced officers.

The trick to crossword puzzles is that, often enough, one clue can have multiple answers. If you find you can think of multiple answers (or no answers) for this clue, you’ll find the correct one here.

Air Force badge for experienced officers WSJ Crossword Clue answer

Given that crosswords require you to fill in all the spaces, you’ll need to enter the answer exactly as it appears below. Most crosswords clues do not include any kind of punctuation, which can often be the source of confusion when you can’t find an answer that fits the blocks. It’s important to not add or change anything about the answer we provide. The answer to the “Air Force badge for experienced officers” Crossword Clue is:


Once you fill in the blocks with the answer above, you’ll find the letters included help narrow down possible answers for many other clues.

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