On Sept. 19, 2022, a strange new character arrived on Adoption Island: Sean, the non-intergalactic, non-tax collecting, totally normal, green-skinned human being. On that same day, Adopt Me’s chief news personality, Jesse Raen-Saunders, spoke with Sean regarding his sudden appearance on Adoption Island, only to go missing without a trace after the conversation ended. Since Sean’s arrival, a massive black hole has opened on Adoption Island that’s already begun consuming all of its buildings and shops, causing players to question the integrity of the newcomer’s seemingly-innocent motives.

After two days of silence, found footage of Adopt Me’s last newscast from Sept. 19 was posted to the official Adopt Me Twitter account. In this newscast, titled Breaking News, news anchor Matt discusses the appearance of Sean and the strange things that have happened around Adoption Island since his arrival. As this newscast continues, the studio suddenly begins to shake and crumble before being sucked into the continuously growing black hole and disappearing completely. Since the debut of this newscast, Adopt Me has posted yet another cryptic tweet to their Twitter account, as can be seen below.

If you’re hoping to learn more about this event, be sure to join Adopt Me before 10am CT on Sept. 22, 2022. At 10am CT, the Black Hole event will reach its pinnacle, likely fully destroying Adoption Island as we know it and replacing it with something completely new. It’s unknown what exactly will happen after this event ends, or if it will end, but we’d recommend keeping an eye on the Adopt Me Twitter account to stay as up to date as possible. If big changes come to Adopt Me, we will also post them accordingly.

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