The Winter Update in Adopt Me is here for all to play. Check out our article to get more details on what there is to do in the game during this holiday season.

New Pets

Image via UpliftGames

There are eight brand new pets for you to own in Adopt Me. Choose from the premium Ice Golem, the adorable Husky puppy, the exotic Puffin, and many more. Don’t forget to try your luck at the luck-based Walrus Box to get a chance to win the Gold Walrus.

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Advent Calendar

Image via UpliftGames

The Advent Calendar is back in Adopt Me. Don’t miss this awesome addition to the game. Check-in daily all of December to get some exciting free rewards. We can’t let you know what all is in the calendar slots because each day is a great surprise.


Image via UpliftGames

Participate in minigames like the one where you ice skate around catching gingerbread men. But be careful of the penguins that sail across the ice! They’ll knock you down if you aren’t careful. There’s also the present shuffle game to keep you occupied.

Wonderland Shop

Image via UpliftGames

Go to the Winter Wonderland area of the map during this limited time to shop for cute accessories, toys, and pets. Use your gingerbread men currency or Robux to buy many of these limited-time items to show off your holiday cheer.

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