Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s MMORPG. These games feature a lot of mechanics to learn, so it can be overwhelming when you are first starting, especially when you throw virtual reality into the mix. We have compiled a list of tips for beginners in Zenith: The Last City below.

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Classes – Blade Master or Essence Mage

This is the first and most important choice when deciding on your class. These two are your main classes and cannot be swapped once chosen. Blade Master uses a sword and focuses on melee combat while the Essence Mage is ranged, emphasizing spells. After this, you choose your subclass, which can be swapped around. These will determine your Godstones.

Understanding Godstones

Godstones are essentially your class’s special abilities in Zenith: The Last City. These are determined by your class and can be upgraded as you level up. You will need to learn specific Godstone Gestures to use these, so learn and practice these. Godstone Gestures will be your most powerful abilities.

Party and Guilds

You can play Zenith: The Last City solo, but you will have an easier time and likely more fun if you play with others. This can be friends or you can join a guild. Guilds are the lifeblood of MMO communities and will provide you with a lot of fellow players to play with. You can use your minimap to see those in your party and keep track of them.

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Reviving Players

To be a team player, you will need to know how to heal and revive other players, especially in a guild. Healing players can be done with support classes’ abilities, but all players can use food to heal their allies. To do so, you have to literally stuff the food into their mouth as you cannot give it to them or drop it. When a player dies, a small life force will appear over their corpse, then hold your hand over it until they revive. This can be done by any class, but getting attacked interrupts this.

Change your Gliding Settings

Gliding will be one of the main ways to traverse the world of Zenith: The Last City. Your gliding settings will be set to basic at the start—change this to sensitive. It will take some getting used to, but sensitive is the best and most effective setting for gliding. It allows you greater control and speed and makes it more fun.


You will absolutely need to learn to cook as this is the healing system in Zenith: The Last City. Food can be used to heal yourself and your allies. Resources and materials used in cooking can be found throughout the world so keep an eye out for them. You can also learn new recipes to expand your options for cooking. You can summon your cooking station from the menu by pressing the cooking icon.

Enhancement Stations and Synthesis Machines

Two things that will become more important as you level up and progress are Enhancement Stations and Synthesis Machines. These can be found in safe areas but do appear elsewhere. Enhancement Stations are where you will upgrade your gear. You will need Enhancement Dust for this, which is gotten by breaking down gear and in chests. Synthesis Machines is where you craft gear. The materials for this can be found from loot drops, chests, and completing events in the areas around the Synthesis Machine.

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