If you’re feeling a sugar crash coming on but still want to play a mobile game that’s part battler and part city planner, we’ve got you covered. Below are five games that evoke the essence of Cookie Run Kingdom, without all of the carbs.

Dragalia Lost

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Play as Prince Euden, the upcoming ruler of Alberia—a land where both dragons and people coexist peacefully. As the Holy Shard that protects the kingdom begins to break, however, Euden must journey to save the kingdom from ruin. When you venture out into the world, the game operates like a fighter as you pummel your way through stages and collect loot. After the stage is complete, return to Alberia and upgrade your castle. If you want just a bit more action alongside your building, this is the game for you.

Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley might seem like an odd inclusion on this list but for those who prefer the customization of Cookie Run with a smattering of complex characters and dungeon crawling, it’s the perfect fit. You play as a brand-new farmer who has just moved to Stardew Valley after inheriting their grandfather’s farm. Customize your farm however you see fit, unlock the magical world around you by befriending the townspeople, and battle your way to the bottom of the Mines through sheer force of will. There’s less battle strategy in this game than Cookie Run: Kingdom, but making your farm as productive as possible while fulfilling side quests will keep you busy and having a great time.


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Although light on the city-building aspect, Arknights is a good choice if you enjoy the battle aspects of Cookie Run. The game will take you through fighting arenas with specific enemy routes. Use your Operators to keep the enemies away from your base. Strategy is key in this game, as each Operator comes with a distinct personality. After battling, you can customize your base and facilities to best aid in your mission. Though it’s a tower-defense-style game, it still features base building and character storylines.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

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Anime RPGs: you either love ’em or you hate ’em. If you find yourself in the former category, try out Princess Connect! Re: Dive, the sequel to Princess Connect! In this time-based RPG, you play as a warrior named Yūki. You find yourself with amnesia in an unknown land and must travel to recover his memories to find out what happened. You’ll command a squad through battles that include a cast of characters with distinct personalities. When not battling, you can customize your Guildhouse, where your recruited characters will relax. Certain elements of decor give items, just like in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Dungeon Village

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In a fantasy world filled with daring adventurers, you play as a landowner in a town next to a dangerous dungeon rife with rewards. Adventurers from all over the land will come to your town, fight in the dungeons, and then return to rest up. Your town only makes money if the adventurers live, however, so it’s worth it to train the fearless warriors to increase their chances of survival (and their chances of bringing back some gold). If you like the battling and resource management elements of Cookie Run: Kingdom and are also a fan of classic RPGs, this is a good game for you to try out.

Thankfully, Cookie Run: Kingdom is part of the larger Cookie Run series, so if none of these games struck your fancy, you can always check out an earlier game in the franchise, like Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

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