In the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update, the way ore generates in Minecraft drastically changed. Before, ore was roughly generated in continuous blocks at specific layers. But with the addition of the Caves and Cliffs update, it would now spawn in different concentrations at particular layers. This changed the way ore was most efficiently mined.

As a result, the best places to mine ore in Minecraft have altered significantly. Keep reading to find out the best places to mine ore post-Caves and Cliffs.

5 – Caves

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Natural caves provide incredible opportunities to find ore and other materials. Whether it’s surface caves or deep underground, the potential to run into veins and ore clusters in caves is incredible.

And not to lean too much into the name of the update, but cliffs are also fantastic places to find ore deposits!

4 – Mountains

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You don’t even need to start a huge mining operation to find Ore in Minecraft. Mountains and the surrounding areas are great places to find ores like Copper and Iron and occasional deposits of Gold and Emeralds.

What’s more, these deposits often have open-air starting points. You can easily spot them from the surface and make minor excavations to find more. This makes them great starting points for more extensive mining operations.

3 – Mineshafts

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Unsurprisingly, the randomly generated mineshafts in Minecraft are great spots to find ore. Because they cut through large underground areas, you can easily find hidden veins of ore. Plus, they’re filled with other goodies to gather!

2 – Layers 16-40

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These layers provide the highest concentration, on average, of materials, including Copper, Iron, Lapis, Gold, and occasionally Emeralds. The only thing you won’t find here is Diamonds, which start generating at level 16 and lower. But, conversely, this is also the perfect place to start your Diamond mining operation by digging down.

1 – Anywhere in the Deepslate layers

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The Deepslate layers added in Caves and Cliffs are filled with vast amounts of Iron, Redstone, Gold, Lapis, and of course, Diamonds, with the occasional copper deposit. So if you’re looking for late-game mining, you can’t go wrong with mining in the Deepslate.

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