Minecraft is a surprisingly deep and complicated game despite its simplistic appearance. However, there are a few aspects of the game that could use some improvements. Luckily, the mod community has identified these shortcomings and created fixes for them that improve the Minecraft experience overall. Here are the five best Minecraft Quality of Life Mods.

Just Enough Items (JEI)

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Minecraft has made its own improvements to the crafting process with the addition of the Recipe Book. However, that book only shows you recipes for items you have found the materials for. Just Enough Items (aka JEI) takes that one step further and gives you the ability to view all blocks and recipes in the game. With this mod, players will never have to look up a recipe on the Wiki again, and once you have it installed you will never be able to play without it again.


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Optifine is an all-around optimization mod for Minecraft. It provides several improvements to the game such as an FPS boost, HD texture support, Shader support, and more. It basically takes Minecraft and fixes some of the smaller annoyances, without changing the overall feel of the game. This mod is a necessity for all Minecraft players, including those who don’t enjoy mods too much. Since the mod only optimizes Minecraft instead of adding mechanics or changing core gameplay, it is hard to even notice a mod is installed.


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Minecraft has Dozens of food sources for players to choose from. There are some food items that provide more bang for their buck, however, there is no way to know which of these do in Vanilla Minecraft. Luckily, AppleSkin is a mod that does just that. It adds Food Value information to a food item’s tooltips, as well as a visualization of saturation and exhaustion to the HUD. It also tells you how many hearts you will recover from eating a piece of food while holding it in your hand. This mod helps to ensure that you are not wasting good food items when you do not need to.


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Minecraft’s world is practically infinite which can cause players to get lost quite easily. Lucky Minecraft has a map system in-game so players won’t lose their way. Unfortunately, it is a frustrating experience and is quite archaic. The JourneyMap mod adds a real-time mapping system to your world. With this mod, players will be automatically charting their Minecraft world as they explore it. IT adds a mini-map to the top of your HUD and clicking on it will pull up a full-size map that is updated in real-time with all new areas explored and buildings created. With this mod, players will never get lost again.

Nature’s Compass

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Everyone knows the struggle of searching for a specific biome in Minecraft. Vanilla Minecraft has no way for players to search for a certain biome without using cheats or an external website. Nature’s Compass is a mod for those who don’t like to use cheats or leave the game in order to search for a specific biome. The Nature’s Compass Biome adds a compass that can locate any biome in your world. It will let you select a biome and some information on it, then the compass will point you towards it. It even supports modded biomes, meaning this is the perfect mod for finding any specific modded biomes you may have installed.

So there you have it, those are the five best Quality of Life mods for Minecraft. While there are thousands of awesome and unique mods for Minecraft, these mods are those that improve certain aspects of the game while keeping the vanilla Minecraft experience intact.

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