Boss-burning and dealing large amounts of damage as quickly as possible is a large part of the PvE experience in Destiny 2. Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with seeing big numbers on the screen, large bouts of sustained damage shorten encounters and, thus, lessen the chances of party wipes and having to restart encounters. Here are the metas for 2022.

Best DPS strategies in Destiny 2

Rocket Launcher Ruckus

With Gjallarhorn back alongside Wolfpack Rounds, a full fireteam can burn bosses with everyone else running Legendary Rocket Launchers. With Wolfpack Rounds doing the heavy lifting, other fireteam members are free to use literally any Legendary Rocket Launcher they please. Perks like Vorpal Weapon, Impact Casing, and Boss Spec up the ante and will bring an explosive end to any boss.

Well of Radiance

It’s hard to go wrong with Well of Radiance. This party-wide buff grants healing, 49% damage resistance, and 25% weapon damage empowerment. Aside from being nearly unkillable while in the Well, Guardians who utilize weapons like Deathbringer, Whisper of the Worm, and Sleeper Simulant receive tremendous damage spikes to their already considerably high DPS.

Wait, is that a chainsaw sword?

Lament, the Exotic sword that appeared in Beyond Light, has been and continues to be a boss-shredding machine. With a full team revving their memory sticks, face-tanking becomes a possibility as Guardians literally rip and tear through many PvE boss encounters.

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