Computer cases have adhered to a pretty standard tower design for decades now. Either standing upright or lying flat, it can get a little boring to keep staring at the same shape. Especially when, for some inexplicable reason, most tower designs don’t fit in things like entertainment centers very easily. Despite the relatively standardized design, if you’re putting your computer anywhere other than a desk then you’re probably going to have a hard time fitting it even if it’s a compact tower. Enter: the cube. For a little while now there has been a growing contingent of cube-style PC cases, many of them in the compact ITX form-factor. But larger cube designs also offer more space to work in, which can be a very attractive prospect for those of you who are sick of cutting your hands digging around in slim tower designs. So if you’re looking for a cube-shaped PC case to fit your computer into some specific area or are just a fan of cubes in general then take a look below to find out which cube-style PC case is right for you!

IN WIN A1 Plus

Image via IN WIN

The IN WIN A1 Plus (shown here in black) is a mini-ITX form factor PC case with a really sleek design. It comes in white, black, and pink and features addressable RGB lighting around the edge. Like many ITX cases it includes a PSU, with a 650 watt 80 Plus Gold efficiency rated one included. As an added bonus the PSU also comes pre-installed and with the cables already neatly managed around the inside for easy installation. The top panel includes a wireless Qi charger so this case will be fashionable as well as functional as it sits on your desk (or wherever), and it comes with two 120mm RGB case fans to keep things running (and looking) cool. And all that RGB is going to look great through the tinted tempered glass side panel.

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SilverStone Sugo 13

Image via SilverStone

The Sugo 13 from SilverStone is all about options. It comes in multiple colors, fits mini-ITX or mini-DTX motherboards, features interchangeable front panels, fits graphics cards up to 10.6 inches and is able to accommodate a full-sized ATX power supply all in a very compact package. So if you’re worried about having to cut corners or choose lower-powered hardware for your cube-style case then the Sugo 13 has you covered. It might not be the most RGB-laden case out there, but if you’re looking to pack a lot of hardware into not a lot of space then it will do the job admirably.

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Thermaltake Core V1

Image via Thermaltake

The Thermaltake Core V1 is yet another Mini-ITX case with something neither of our previous entries had: it’s actually a cube. Many cube cases aren’t necessarily cubes due to how long they are, they’re simply more cube-like than your standard PC tower. Not so with the Core V1, which is much closer to a proper cube shape than its competitors. And like the Sugo 13 it can also accommodate a full ATX power supply. It’s a pretty tight space to work in, but if you’re wanting something really compact that still accommodates a full-sized PSU then the Core V1 may be the case for your.

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Anidees AI Crystal Cube Mar 3

Image via Anidees

Breaking out of the realm of compact cases we have the AI Crystal Cube Mar 3 from Anidees (maker of lots and lots of Raspberry Pi cases). It’s a mid-sized tower built to accommodate E-AT, ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards along with three spots for up to 280mm radiators. It uses the dual chamber design that we see in a lot of cases these days to keep the air flowing and your components looking nice and clean through the included tempered glass side panel. It also comes with five 120mm RGB fans that are compatible with several different RGB software suites. It’s definitely not what you may consider compact, but it’s a cube and it’s able to fit quite a bit of hardware.

AZZA Cube 802

Image via AZZA

Cubes are cool! You don’t have to be chasing a space efficient mini-ITX build to want a cube for a computer. The AZZA CSAZ-802F is a pretty radical design, and comes with a stand to prop it up on your desk for a very modern-art type of feel. In addition to looking cool it comes with five RGB fans, supports 280mm video cards and 240mm radiators, and fits full-sized ATX components. Really other than the very cool design it’s a pretty standard ATX compatible case on the interior, which is great for people who want a cool display piece without limiting space for components.

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Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Image via Cooler Master

Cooler Master offers a few cube-style cases, but most of them are pretty par for the course as far as the competition goes. Not so with the HAF XB EVO, which is a test bench style case meant to have components quickly and easily accessible. That means front-accessible hard drive cages, a removable motherboard tray, slide out dust filters, handles, support for tons of fans and cooling options, and plenty of airflow. You don’t have to be a hardware engineer to enjoy a solidly designed cube-style PC case with lots of options for changing hardware. Accessibility is an often overlooked feature of most cases, and the HAF XB EVO has it in spades.

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Thermaltake Level 20 VT

Image via Thermaltake

Finally we have the Level 20 VT from Thermaltake, which is another dual-chamber design built to accommodate micro-ATX motherboards and standard ATX PSUs. Up front it sports a whopping 200mm fan, four tempered glass panels for maximum visibility, and tons of space to work in. It may not be the most radical design on our list, but it’s attractive, highly compatible, and offers lots of viewing angles for those of you wanting to cram in lots of RGB.

The amount of cube cases on the market seems to be increasing, and with good reason: many of them are more space-efficient than their tower-based counterparts and they just look really cool. So whether you’re wanting to put together a miniscule mini-ITX build to stuff into an entertainment center or you just really like the way having a massive RGB-laden cube sitting on your desk looks, you have plenty of options available.

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