There’s nothing quite like getting your new PC gaming area all set up after your most recent build. You’ve probably spent weeks planning your build, laying out all of your components, checking for various compatibility issues, and tracking down not just the right model of each part but the right color as well. Then as you meticulously assemble your RGB-laden PC you go to set it on your desk and realize that the old hand-me-down TV tray that you’ve been using as a desk for the last three years just won’t do. You need something that’s going to match your new hardware! It used to be that a desk was a desk and they came in two colors: wood grain or black. But these days you have options, and there are white desks to match the deluge of white peripherals on the market now. We’ve chosen a wide selection of varying desk types so you can find one that’s going to work for you. Keep in mind that you’ll want to know things like what height, width, and weight capacity you’re after to help you make the right selection. Take a look below to see our picks for which white gaming desks are right for your new gaming area!

Cubiker Computer Desk

Image via Cubiker

This computer desk from Cubiker might not have gaming in the title, but it should serve admirably to prop up your most recent PC build while also looking very professional. It comes in a variety of sized from 32 inches all the way up to a whopping 63 inch version and has a height of 29.5 inches. It also comes with a handy storage compartment that attaches to either side, which is a nice thing to have when compared to how spartan many desk designs are these days. The legs are made of powder-coated steel and the back of the desk features a minimal diagonal brace to keep the desk top stable. The white and gray design choice gives a very elegant home office vibe to the Cubiker desk that should do an admirable job without all of the bright colors and logos of more loudly designed gaming desks.

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MOTPK Gaming Desk

Image via MOTPK

The MOTPK gaming desk comes in sizes ranging from 40 inches up to 60 inches, and provides several gaming-focused features as well as a 29.92 inch height. For starters it comes with an included headphone hook, cup holder, and fixed-height monitor stand. It also features adjustable feet for leveling the desk out and making very minor height adjustments, although don’t expect to dramatically alter the height. The thick metal legs and frame can support up to 330 pounds of weight, which should be more than enough for multiple monitors and your PC, and the back of the desk has vertical stabilizing bars. And in addition to being white, the top also features a carbon fiber paint design that adds a bit of style to what would otherwise be a flat white desk top.

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YIGOBUY Workstation/Gaming Desk

Image via YIGOBUY

The YIGOBUY desk comes in a single 42.12 inch width with a 29.92 inch height, and should appeal to the cable-management enthusiasts out there. With dual cable channels on the desk top and an adapter box under the back edge you should be able to maintain a very clean looking setup. It also features a headphone hook and cup holder as well as red and black accents along its wide-leg steel leg design. For support the legs feature a thick stabilizing bar along the back. The MDF desk top also supports a capacity of just under 200 pounds, so you should be good to load it up with all your gaming gear.

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DESINO Gaming Desk

Image via DESINO

This DESINO desk comes in sizes ranging from 40 inches to 55 inches and sits at 28 inches high. In the realm of white gaming desks it’s a bit different in that only the very top and bottom are white, while the edges and legs feature a very stylish red and black design more akin to traditional gaming desk colors. The desk top itself also features a carbon fiber paint job, like the MOTPK desk shown previously. Even the headphone hook and cup holder are the same black metal design, as well as the dual stabilizing bars on the back. It also includes an adjustable monitor stand and the metal legs have a very stylish cutout design.

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Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk

Image via Flexispot

Here’s the thing: gaming desks are great and look really cool but ergonomics are probably more important than having radical paint designs. The Flexispot EC1 is an adjustable height standing desk with an electric motor and front-facing controls for adjusting height. The very thick, wide steel legs should provide plenty of stability while the height range of 28 inches all the way up to 47.6 inches means that you can use this in a variety of positions, both standing and sitting. It has slightly less weight capacity for its 48 inch desk top at a 90 pound maximum, but it should still be plenty for a PC and a monitor or two. If you work at your desk all day as well as game then you might want to consider it for maximum ergonomics.

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Coleshome Extra Large L-Shaped Desk

Image via Coleshome

Standard size gaming desks are great, but they don’t offer a lot of space for other activities. If you also like to have a laptop or tablet set up while gaming on your PC, or maybe you just have lots and lots of stuff then you’re going to want to look at something like this L-shaped desk from Coleshome. With multiple stabilizing bars in multiple directions across the legs and back of the desk it should be stable as well as at utilitarian. It also features a stylish white and gray design and an included monitor stand/shelf to maximize its already ample desk space.

Choosing the right desk is as important as choosing the right graphics card or monitor. After all, your new gaming rig isn’t worth much if the cardboard box you’re gaming on top of makes your back and shoulders hurt after an hour or two and doesn’t have a spot for you to put all of your peripherals. So make sure you’re taking into consideration where you’re going to place your hardware, because the right desk will be something you use for years to come.

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