For competitive gaming, you need the fastest response time and reliability when it comes to inputs. For this reason, a wired mouse is almost always preferred to prevent random disconnects, dying batteries, and lag interfering with gameplay. The issue with a wired mouse, however, is that sometimes the cable can get stuck or cause cable drag which can impede your movements. That’s where the mouse bungee comes in. These handy devices are perfect for keeping your mouse cord out of the way, thus giving you the feel of a wireless mouse with the perks of a wired mouse. There are many options out there for mouse bungees, most of them offering similar features and prices so it can be hard to make a choice. Below you can find some of the best mouse bungees out there.


The BenQ Zowie CAMADE II was designed for competitive players but can be used for casual gamers as well. It prevents cable drag and entanglement and will have you feeling you are using a wireless mouse. The flexible rubber clip will grip rubber, paracord, and braided cables with ease and tightly. It features two adjustable heights that can accommodate any setup and customize your cable slack. You can stand your ground knowing that the BenQ Zowie CAMADE II will go nowhere thanks to the rubber feet. These rubber feet provide an enhanced grip that will stand in place even through quick mouse movements. For those who travel, the durable metal spring retracts to make this mouse bungee more compact. It comes in black, pink, or blue and is available for $24.99.

Cougar Gaming Bunker

The Cougar Gaming Bunker mouse bungee provides the perfect solution for gamers who want the superior reliability, response, and accuracy of a wireless mouse without the wire getting in the way. The Bunker’s arm is flexible to get gamers increased freedom of movement and smoothness in their mouse movements. It features a flexible cord grove that can accommodate essentially any mouse. Thanks to the special colloid suction pad, the Cougar Gaming Bunker provides amazing levels of steadiness, durability, and stability. This means the Bunker will stay in place throughout the most intense gaming sessions, even on slightly uneven surfaces. This mouse bungee is also small and lightweight making it perfect for traveling. Those who love RGB will be delighted to know that it also has an RGB variant. The standard model costs $24.90 while the RGB model costs $39.90.

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Enhance Pro

The Enhance Pro will enhance your gaming desk as it provides all of the perks you would find in a wireless and a wired gaming mouse. The spring-loaded support arm will keep your mouse cable out of the way, allowing you to have accuracy, response, and smoothness of wireless without worrying about it disconnecting or the batteries dying. In addition to managing your mouse’s wire, it can also manage other cables as well as power other devices with its four USB ports. The Enhance Pro even has RGB lights that can feature seven different colors or all of them in rainbow mode. It has a weighted design with a non-slip grip to provide a sturdy base that stays put while you play. What makes this mouse bungee special is that the arm can be removed and used instead as a USB outlet. This mouse bungee is available for $24.99.

Razer Mouse Bungee 2

No gaming hardware list is complete without mentioning Razer no matter the product. The Razer Mouse Bungee 2 is an excellent choice for those who prefer to go with a single brand for their equipment as well as for those who just need a mouse bungee. The rust-resistant spring arm is capable of holding just about any mouse cable and features a clip at the base for extra holding. The base plate is weighted and has three non-slip and non-scratch feet to make sure this mouse bungee stays in place. Where the Razer Mouse Bungee 2 departs from Razer’s traditional design is that it doesn’t feature any RGB or bright colors. The V2 comes in a sleek and black look and is available for $19.99. The V3 version features the same sleek black look and also has a chroma model, but doesn’t do much more to warrant the extra price. For that reason, the V2 is the better choice unless you need RGB.

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Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee

The Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee has a simple look but it certainly gets the job done. It features a three-foot base each with jumbo rubber feet that keeps this mouse bungee firmly in place. For further stability, the base itself is metal and weighted. The bungee arm is secure and raised to provide easy cable management and zero drag. So while this mouse bungee doesn’t have much going for it in the looks department, it excels at stability and. Another great feature of the Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee is its price. For $19.99 you won’t find a mouse bungee that stays put and keeps your mouse cord out of the way better than this one.

With so many mouse bungees offering similar designs and features you might be wondering which one you should pick. Then taking into account that they are priced around the same price point it becomes even harder. When it comes to the best mouse bungee, you can’t go wrong with the Enhance Pro. Not only does it come with the necessary features to be a great mouse bungee, but it also includes RGB lights that would normally drive the price up while still being relatively cheap.

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